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What Do You Need?

At Gilbert S. Mordoh & Co. Inc., we can provide all aspects of residential, commercial, and land property appraisals for a wide variety of different clients. Ours is a locally owned business with over 46 years of experience.


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What Exactly Do We Offer?

  • Certified residential and general appraisers
  • Commercial, residential, and industrial land appraisals
  • First mortgage appraisals
  • Refinancing and home equity loan appraisals
  • Estate, divorce, and investment appraisals
  • Tax appeals
  • Proposed construction appraisals
  • Conventional mortgage appraisals
  • Consulting on real estate in general

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We are currently Conventional, VA, FHA, and USDA-approved appraisers in Monroe, Greene, Lawrence, and Owen Counties, and we can do any form of appraisal required.

When you need honest, accurate, and timely appraisals from professional appraisers, you need to call Gilbert S. Mordoh & Co. Inc. first. Should we miss your call, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.